Comic 86 - All There Is

24th Jun 2012, 2:13 AM
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All There Is

Author Notes:

KMFE 24th Jun 2012, 2:13 AM edit delete

Yesterday the world was only a board, a hammer, a nail, and us two, and nothing would ever change. But it took us a hundred years to figure that out.

That nail became my best friend.

Who is hiding in the shadow? In a crowded street on a hot day, every person has a shadow, and in every shadow there is a place to hide. You were hiding in all of them, watching me, stretching thin clouds through the air and timing the fall of dust to the ground.

You must have been so bored.

In a thousand years we were still sitting with our hammer. Yesterday, it was just yesterday, I tell you. But infinity is a long time, and if at any time in a billion, or a billion billion years we knock the nail out, it's gone forever, leaving nothing but a hole, and a falling nail that shrinks asymptotically to a point.

But it would take us until then to figure that out.

It was just yesterday and you were so very bored.