Comic 95 - Outside My Window

26th Jul 2012, 12:09 PM
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Outside My Window

Author Notes:

KMFE 26th Jul 2012, 12:09 PM edit delete
This one was entirely my friend's idea, so you can thank/blame her for it.

That night, we danced with katydids,
Forgot the past and all it hid.
The katydids know what we did,
But they won't tell.

"You mustn't dance with katydids,"
Our grandma said when we were kids.
But "pshh" we thought, and so we did
Go dance with katydids,
That night,
Among the stained-glass leaves,
That neither move, nor feel the breeze,
And shatter in a rain of glass
That cuts our hearts and holds us fast
And seals our mouths while hours pass
And we are free.
And my heart beats.
You're hear at last.

We danced a dream with katydids
And gave up secrets better hid
In star-filled jars with dusty lids
That into far off raindrops slid
To never tell.

But somewhere on a pool of years
An echo lingers -- insect tears
That cannot fall, but echo still
And cry a lullaby until
Our echo dies.
Just like it will.

And you are still.

And all that is
Is all that will.