Comic 98 - Bubbles

5th Aug 2012, 7:22 AM
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Author Notes:

KMFE 9th Aug 2012, 10:23 AM edit delete
I'm sorry, my scanner doesn't seem to work right now. Comics will be delayed until I can obtain another. In the meantime here is a story.

Carlo had not seen his brother for two years, at least.
He could not meet his brother's face,
but his brother told him right away, "I've forgiven you," and Carlo was too tired,
or too sick, to say no.
So Carlo's brother took them to the water,
and they hid under the bridge, where it is dark,
and smells like concrete. And they waited, and the cars rolled overhead,
while mist stuck to their bodies like they were ice-filled cups,
at a party,
and Carlo's brother broke the silence, and he said, "Let's float downstream," and Carlo said,
"Yes, let's,"
but they never did,
and that's how Carlo knew his brother had been lying,
but so be it.
And in the morning, the sunrise turned the bridge, and the busstop,
to cold silhouettes,
because it knew they were alone.
And on the bus, Carlo's brother spoke again, and he said,
"Once we had only clouds to protect us," and Carlo said,
"We didn't know any better then," and his brother said,
"Nor do we now."
And as they sat and waited,
clouds settled into the horizon,
like dust into the corners of the room,
or memories into the corners of their hearts.


nay 5th Aug 2012, 10:16 AM edit delete
your comic is beautiful and raw. i really adore it..!
KMFE 5th Aug 2012, 10:06 PM edit delete
Thank you so much, nay. I'm glad to know someone is appreciating it.